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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Some of our most common plans for basic and professional sites are:

Basic Mails

  1. Our Shared Hosting plans are configured on private cloud VPS Server.

  2. All Plans can be modified (some of the features) to suit your needs.

  3. Fully customised plans can also be configured, if required.

  4. Emails space forms part of hosting space.

  5. Bulk mailing not allowed. Only transaction mails allowed.

  6. Per email account 100 MB email quota allowed.

  7. Also 100 messages per hour for allowed for domain.

  8. Max 20 MB limit allowed for email attachment.

  9. Plan features may change without prior information, in case of exigency. Though as a policy matter we try to inform clients/customers of any such scenario prior to any change.

  10. Plan features may not be updated. Please confirm before placing order.

Business Mails

  1. Bulk Mails / Marketting Mails not allowed.

  2. Biz Classic alows sending 100 mails per hour per account. Attachment size is 25 MB.

  3. Biz Ent alows sending 2400 mails per day per account. 5000 mails per day per domain. Attachment size is 25 MB.

  4. For monthly subscription 1 times setup fee of Rs. 500/- is charged. No discount valid on monthly subscription. On renewal the client has the option to either get adjusted the setup fee or avail the discount devoid of in monthly subscription plan, provided the renewal is upgrade to yearly subscription.

  5. Mailing list allowed in both plans. 50 Mailing list in each plan. Each mailing list can have 1000 users. Max. 200 @ a time. No. of moderators allowed per Domain 5.

Corporate Mails

  1. Bulk Mails / Marketting Mails not allowed.